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1. Which one of the folowing countries has the longest international boundary with India?
A. Bangladesh B. Bhutan
C. China D. Pakistan
2. Kanchipuram is in which of the folowing states?
A. Kerala B. Andhra Pradesh
C. Tamil Nadu D. Karnataka
3. Tha Sivasamudram Falls is on
A. Rive Cauyery B. River Subernarekha
C. River Indravati D. None of these
4. Which are the west-flowing rivers of southern India which flow into Arabian Sea?
A. Chambal and Betwa B. Damodar and Mahanadi
C. Narmada and Tapti D. Krishna and Cauveri
5. The Vindhyas belong to which class of mountains?
A. Block mountains B. Fold mountains
C. Volcanic mountains D. Residual mountains
6. Which of the following has the least penetrating power?
A. Aplha particles B. Beta particles
C. Gamma rays D. All have the same penetrating power
7. Optic fibres are mainly used for which of the following?
A. Communication B. Weaving
C. Musical instruments D. Food industry
8. 'Ohm' is the unit of
A. resistance B. specific resistance
C. conductivity D. None of these
9. Which of the following is good nuclear fuel?
A. Uranium -238 B. Neptunium-239
C. Thorium-236 D. Plutonium-239
10. Rocket works on the principle of
A. conversation of mass B. conversation of energy
C. conversation of momentum D. None of above
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