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1. N.T.P for a gas means
A. 273 ˚ C and 76cm (Hg) pressure B. 0 ˚ C and 76cm (Hg) pressure
C. 273 ˚ C and 0 pressure D. 0 ˚ C and 0 pressure
2. The instrument converting mechanical energy into electrical energy is called
A. Dynamo B. Transformer
C. Electrometer D. Moto
3. The point at which the mass of the system of particles is concentrated is called the
A. Centre of Suspension B. Centre of Oscillation
C. Centre of Gravity D. Centre of Mass
4. A liquid drop is spherical in shape due to
A. Atmospheric pressure B. Surface tension
C. Viscosity D. Small weight
5. When a gas is compressed suddenly, then its temperature?
A. Rises B. Decreases
C. Remains unchanged D. Nothing can be said
6. The value of the acceleration due to gravity is
A. 9.8 m/s B. 98 m/s²
C. 980 m/s D. 9.8 m/s²
7. The velocity of wind is related to
A. Pressure gradient B. Temperature
C. Revolution of the earth D. Rotation of the earth
8. Computer program consists of
A. Instructions and data B. Low level language
C. Instruction data and low level language D. Data
9. Metals are heated by
A. Radiation B. Radiation and Convection
C. Conduction D. Convection
10. Where is the Central Rice Research Institute located
A. Bhubaneswar B. Kolkata
C. Bangalore D. Cuttack
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