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3. which part of the sun is visible during total solar eclipse?
A. corona B. no part
C. photosphere D. chromosphere
4. which of the following electromagnetic waves has the
longest wave length?
A. gamma rays B. ultra-violet
C. infra-red D. light rays
7. The type of mirror used in the headlamps of cars is the
A. spherical convex mirror B. plane mirror
C. parabolic concave mirror D. spherical concave mirror
8. The sun and moon appear elliptical near the horizon due to
A. refraction B. actual change in shapes
C. interference D. optical illusion
9. which of the following is the proper sequence of colours?
A. red, green, indigo B. violet, blue, red
C. green, orange, red D. blue, green, yellow
10. what type of mirror can be used to obtain the real image of an object?
A. no mirror can produce a real image B. convex mirror
C. concave mirror D. plane mirror
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