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Technical questions and answers

1. Consider the following statements and select your answer
Assertion (A) : Copper is mainly used in Electrical Engineering Industry
Reason (R ) : Copper has the property of high conductivity.
A. Both (A) and (R ) are true and (R ) explains (A) correctly. B. Both (A) and (R ) are true but (R ) does not explains (A)
C. (A) is true but (R ) is false. D. (A) is false but (R ) is true
2. Consider the following statements:
(a) Dr. V. A. Smith had called India an Ethnological Museum for there is a great variety of racial types.
(b) India is well-known as a land of great varieties. Because, there is a great variety of racial types.
Of these :
A. (a) is correct (b) is wrong B. (b) is correct (a) is wrong
C. (a) and (b) are correct D. Both (a) and (b) are wrong
3. Consider the following statements and select your answer
Assertion (A) : Electron microscopes can give better resolution than optical microscopes
Reason (R ) : A high energy particle has a short de Broglie wavelength and so can probe the small scale interior structure of other particles.
A. Both (A) and (R ) are true and (R ) is the correct explanation for (A). B. Both (A) and (R ) are true and (R ) is not the correct explanation for (A).
C. Both (A) and (R ) are false. D. (A) is true but (R ) is false.
5. Arrange the sequences of mitosis in a logic way.
I. Centromeres of chromosomes attaches to spindle fibre.
II. Chromatide uncoil and cytokinesis occur.
III. Asters and spindle fibres are formed.
IV. Centromers split into two, daughters centromeres move apart.
6. Inhibition of gastric secretion is brought about by
A. Pancreozymin B. Gastrin
C. Enterogastrone D. Cholecytokinin
7. Which of the following statements about respiration is true?
I. Respiration results in loss of dry weight in plants.
II. The intermediate chemical reactions in the breakdown of sugar in respiration and synthesis of sugar in photosynthesis are much the same.
III. The oxygen concentration is not known to affect respiration.
IV. Respiration is a constructive process.
A. I, II, and IV B. II and IV
C. I and II only D. I and III
8. Angiosperms differ from gymnosperms by
A. Being evergreen B. Having compound leaves
C. Being smaller in size D. Having ovule enclosed in the ovary
9. Arrange the following plants species in descending order based on their altitude.
A. Junipers - Deodar - Maple - Teak B. Deodar - Junipers - Maple - Teak
C. Junipers - Teak - Decodar Maple D. Deodar - Junipers - Teak - Maple
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