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1.  Explain what is WCF?
WCF (Windows Communication Framework) is Microsoft framework to make inter-process communication easier. Through various means, it lets you do the communication like MS messaging Queuing, Services, Remoting and so on. It also allows you talk with other.NET apps, or non-Microsoft technologies (like J2EE).
2. What is service?
A service is a unit of functionality exposed to the world. Service orientation (SO) is an abstract set of principles and best practices for building service-oriented applications.
3. Explain how does WCF works?
WCF follows the “Software as a Service” model, where all units of functionality are defined as services. For communication, each point is a portal or connection either with the client or other services. It is a program that exposes a collection of endpoints
4. What are the transport schemes supported by WCF? Give example of address for each scheme.

Following are the transport schemes supported by WCF:

HTTP/HTTPS - http://localhost:8001/MyService

TCP - net.tcp://localhost:8002/MyService

IPC - net.pipe://localhost/MyPipe

Peer network

MSMQ - net.msmq://localhost/private/MyQueue

Service bus - sb://
5. What is binding?
A binding is the set of configurations regarding the transport protocol, message encoding, communication pattern, reliability, security, transaction propagation, and interoperability.
6.  What are the transport schemas does WCF supports?

It supports



Peer network

IPC ( Inter Process Communication)

7. What are the types of Data Contracts in WCF?

There are two types of Data Contracts

Data Contract: Attribute used to define the class

Data Member: Attribute used to define the properties
8. Mention what are the main components of WCF?

Main components of WCF are

Service: The working logic

Host: The path where the data is saved. E.g., .exe, process, windows service

Endpoints: The way the service is exposed to the outside world
9. Name the namespace that is used to access WCF service?
System.ServiceModel is used to access WCF service
10. How we can achieve Operation Overloading while exposing WCF Services?

By default, WSDL doesn’t support operation overloading. Overloading behavior can be achieved by using "Name" property of OperationContract attribute.


interface IMyCalculator


[OperationContract(Name = "SumInt")]

int Sum(int arg1,int arg2);

[OperationContract(Name = "SumDouble")]

double Sum(double arg1,double arg2);


When the proxy will be generated for these operations, it will have 2 methods with different names i.e. SumInt and SumDouble.
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