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1. General Awareness Question: 1 - 40

The Caparo Group has won the International Business of the Year award 2014 at the Asian Business Awards Midiands in Birmingham. The group is founded by leading NRI industrialist.

A. SP Singh Oberoi B. Sri Chand Hinduja
C. Gopichand Hinduja D. Lord Swaraj Paul
2. Which of the following is a part of the core sector?
A. Textiles B. Chemicals
C. Real Estate D. Machine Manufacturing
3. National Institute of Bank Management is the institute meant for ….
A. Providing Management personnel to the Banks B. Training of bank employees in Banking
C. Providing consultancy on best practices in Bank Management D. All those given as options
4. Recently India has decided to introduce plastic currency notes a number of other countries are already using plastic notes, but the pioneer in this field is
A. Sweden B. France
C. United States of America D. Australia
5. What is the present Loksabha Constituency of Sushma Swaraj?
A. Ambala B. Delhi
C. Bellary D. Vidisha
6. As per the ranking released by the UNCTAD in its World Investment Report 2014 in respect of most favoured destinations for investment by transnational corporations, India stands at the …
A. Fifth Position B. Third Position
C. Seventh Position D. Fourth Position
8. The Lokayukta of which of the following state had submitted a report on illegal mining of iron are in the state?
A. Andhra Pradesh B. Tamil Nadu
C. Karnataka D. Odisha
9. Fixed deposits and recurring deposits are
A. repayable after an agreed period B. repayable on demand
C. not repayable D. repayable after death of depositors
10. As per a notification recently published in the gazette by the Union Water Resources Ministry, the new Chairman of the Cauvery Water Disputes Tribune is
A. Justice B Rajendran B. Justice B S Chauhun
C. Justice B R Sarangi D. Justice B N Kripal
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